Please consult SJ trailer company about selling a trailer house.

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Sales flow


First of all, we will inquire about the sale by phone or email. By organizing the information of the trailer house and preparing photos, the assessment accuracy will be higher and you will know the results quickly.

Business trip assessment/estimate

The purchasing staff will make an assessment on site and make an accurate estimate. After confirming the estimated amount, let's decide whether to sell it or not.


If you are satisfied with the final assessment amount, we will make a contract for the sale. Of course, it is also possible to hold or refuse.


After the contract, we will adjust the pick-up date and time of the trailer house and decide. The purchase amount will be transferred after you pick it up.

Please check the following precautions.

※Depending on the conditions, we may not be able to go to the actual place to see the actual product.

※There is an upper limit on the size that can be transported. ( It is limited to those within 3.5m in width x 4.2m in height x 13m in length)

※For items that cannot be carried, we may refuse them at the assessment stage.

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About rental

I want to buy a trailer house, but to be honest, the cost is not small.
I want to use a trailer house when I think about the budget,
but I think there are many people who hesitate in terms of cost.
In addition, some people may hesitate to buy it because they want to
use the trailer house as a limited-time residence. In such a case,
the recommended method is to rent a trailer house.
It's important to think about selling based on the future.
Before that, let's know that there is a way to rent once.

  • can keep costs down
  • Trial available before purchase is possible
  • It can be used for a limited time



We are sending you a catalog that allows you to know the purpose and charm of the trailer house for free.

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