trailer house

trailer house

What is a trailer house?

A building that can be used in various scenes.

The trailer house is a "treated as a vehicle" building that can be towed and moved by car while being equipped like a normal building. Unlike self-propelled campers, trailer houses do not have engines and are installed and used in certain places. Since it is not subject to building restrictions, it is attracting attention mainly from stores, offices, second houses, etc.,and its use is spreading.

In recent years, demand has increased due to the ease of installation.

What are the advantages of choosing a trailer house?

Advantages of corporate use

Significantly reduced costs compared to buildings

Compared to building new buildings such as stores and offices, the initial investment can be greatly reduced.
In addition, by meeting the installation standards, in principle, there is no need to pay taxes such as property tax and automobile tax. And there is also a feature that it can be depreciated in a short period of as little as 4 years.
※Various systems and responses may vary in each municipality.

Possible to move and relocate at any time

The trailer house can also be installed in the urbanization adjustment area because it will be "treated as a vehicle" if it is kept in a state where it can be moved. Therefore, there is no need to buy land, and it is easier to consider the location than conventional properties.

Can be sold when not needed

Trailer houses can be sold or moved because they do not do foundation work. In recent years, the demand for trailer houses has been increasing, and the sale price is on the rise, so you can buy it with a view to letting go in the future.

Benefits for personal use

Options that can cut costs

Recently, there are more options to seek a more free lifestyle, live in a trailer house instead of a rental property, and sell or rent it at the time of setting up a new house. You can buy it at a low cost and reasonable price, and the advantage of not having to pay taxes such as national property taxes is great. In your municipality, the response to the trailer house will change, so please contact us in advance.

The place to live is up to you.

In the case of residential use, there may be few people who think about moving frequently, but since the trailer house is a vehicle, you can change the place to live freely anytime, anywhere.
※There are matters to be confirmed with the municipality where you are moving to in advance.

Easy to respond when not needed

Due to the desire to reduce the burden on future of children and grandchildren, there is an increasing number of people choosing trailer houses that are easy to sell or dispose of later on.

Can a trailer house be placed on any land?

It starts with obtaining permission for administrative consultation.

Trailer houses can be installed on any land if they meet all the transportation standards and installation standards set by the government. Because it will be treated as a vehicle, it can also be installed in the "city adjustment area" where new buildings can not be built or expanded. Monthly land compared to urbanized areas Because the cost and land purchase price are cheap, you can reduce the cost.

It can be done anywhere if it meets the installation standards.

Difference between urbanization control area and urbanization promotion area

Are trailer houses exempt from property tax?

The point is the difference from real estate such as housing.

Trailer houses are “treated as vehicles”, so if you meet the installation standards, unlike real estate such as housing, there is no real estate acquisition tax or property tax. Also, although it is a vehicle, it does not drive itself without an engine, so there is no need to pay weight tax.
※Various systems and responses may vary in each local government.
※If you register a trailer house for real estate, you will be subject to property tax.

There is no property tax!

How are trailer houses treated under tax law?

Merits born from the system revision.

The depreciation period of the trailer house will be at least 4 years. Previously, it was divided into 7 years as a simple building or 4 years as a car, but the "Safety Standards for Road Transport Vehicles" in December 2012 were partially revised, and trailer houses were legally classified as automobiles. Therefore, the useful life of the trailer house is currently depreciated as 4 years. You can expect a tax s aving effect, and if you don't need it, you can sell it, and there is also a merit that you can clear the land as soon as you move.

The amortization period will be 4 years,and Expect the tax saving effect!

How to choose a trailer house company that does not fail?

The future that changes by trailer house contractors.

Isn’t the trailer house the same no matter where you request it?
I think there are many people who think that.
If you compare the website of the trailer house contractor,

“All of them look like the same trailer house.”
“ The only difference is the price and the company name.”
“ I don’t know the difference in performance either.”

But why are there people who are satisfied with buying a trailer house,
while others regret it?
In order to choose a satisfactory trailer house,
it is very important to know how to choose a trailer that does not fail.

The fact that there are people who are satisfied and people who fail.

Check points for comparing trailer house contractors

01 Is the freedom and respons iveness of design high?

Trailer houses can be installed on any land if they meet all the wheel transportation standards and installation standards set by the country. Various designs such as interior and exterior design, color, material, size, structure of fine objects, roof shape, etc. can be freely from scratch like a custom-made house. Regarding agricultural land, there are cases where it is possible in consultation with the agricultural committee under the jurisdiction of the planned site.

Meet the transportation and installation standards!

02 Isn't that a violation of the law?

wood deck improves the convenience and appearance beauty of the trailer house. However, in order for a trailer house to be recognized as a vehicle rather than a building, it must be “movable at any time and arbitrarily”. ( ※) In other words, it is usually impossible to install accessories such as wood decks on the trailer that are in the way of moving the trailer house.

※Normally, trailer houses must strictly adhere to the installation method stipulated in the Building Standards Act No. 170 and the Building Administration Council.

“The trailer house must be able to move at any time and arbitrarily.”

The wood deck attached to the trailer house of SJ trailer company is available in two types: assembly type (detachable without tools) or mobile type with casters. In this way, we can propose a trailer house with high design and convenience with a wood deck while receiving vehicle certification for the trailer house.

Let's leave the anxiety of violation of laws
and regulations to the professionals!

03 Will you respond to the administrative consultation for each municipality?

There are various merits, such as being able to install it in an urban adjustment area or not being charged a property tax, but These are in accordance with the ordinances of each municipality. If you do not select the ordinance properly, after installation, things like "Actually, the requested is conditionally strict ..." may occur.
SJ trailer company is aware of the regulations of trailer houses in each municipality, so we can make the best proposal under the ordinance of the area you want to install.

It's okay because we know the ordinances of each municipality.

04 Is the trailer house worth reselling?

Trailer houses can be bought "used" in the same way as used houses and used cars. The second-hand market is in great demand right now. The reasons include the "designability" and "cost aspect" of the trailer house. So if there is a demand for trailer houses, the resale value will inevitably be higher. So what are the benefits of trailer houses with high resale value?

The advantages of trailer houses with high resale value are large, and they give you a chance to invest.

Design and durability create high value



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