Obtaining high quality charm as we are a housing company.

In order for us to deliver a trailer house that meets our client’s requirements, we are there every step of the way from design to use even after purchase.

We have specialized in housing and real estate at SJ trailer company.
We have the strength of experience and continuation in this sector.
That's why we can respond quickly with high quality based on the know-how of housing construction and abundant land information we have cultivated.

We will provide you with the life of the trailer house you envisioned, better than you could of imagined.


A trailer house that is used in various scenes.

Trailer houses used for various purposes such as second houses and stores.
According to each dream and purpose, you can freely respond to the purpose.
Trailer House gives us new values like never before.


Home, second house

A trailer house that was utilized as a residence.
For those who want a style of living freely without being bound by a place.


Office • Shower room
Shelter • Waiting room • Library

A trailer house that can provide a place that many people can use.
Diversity that can also play an active role as an evacuation site in the event of a disaster.


Cafe • Yoga Dance Studio
Take-Out Type Stores • Standing Drinking Shops

A trailer house that was utilized as a mobile store.
For those who want to develop their favorite store in their favorite place.


Sneaker Collector Room • Outdoor Goods Storage

A trailer house where you can create your own space.
You are free to decorate and charm.

Reasons for choosing a trailer house

Because it is a trailer house, you can freely choose the place and enjoy the change.
The attraction that can create new value with minimal risk based on tax and sales moves us.

You can freely change the location.

When you start a restaurant and attract
customers doesn't work.
If it's a regular store, it's annoying.
If it is a trailer house, you can freely
change it to a new land.
The advantage of being able to respond
to changes in the environment at work
and in privateis attractive.

Branding can be made clear.

As soon as it opens, Recognition is low. If it is a trailer house,
it has an impact and easy-to-understand planning is possible.
There is a charm that can make the most of the characteristics
and use it as a trigger for business expansion.

Reduce costs by renting or second hand.

Trailer houses can also be rented or purchased
second hand.
Therefore, you can reduce the cost for those
who want to use it for a limited time.
In addition, you can check the comfort of living and
the feeling of use of the equipment before purchase,
so you can grasp the image after purchase.

It remains as an asset and can be sold.

Trailer houses that do not carry out foundation work can also be sold on vacant land.
The trailer house itself can be easily sold even if it is no longer needed or is considered to let go in the future.
It's attractive to reduce the risk as much as possible.



We are sending you a catalog that allows you to know the purpose and charm of the trailer house for free.

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