For those who are considering a trailer house as a corporation

For those who are considering a trailer house as a corporation

The charm of a trailer house that can realize monetization.

The reason why it is chosen as a new investment as a profit trailer house.

Trailer houses have various charms and will give unprecedented added value to future services.
Not only is it new, but more and more businesses are successfully planning on the battlefield using SNS and advertisements to attract customers.
SJ trailer company will provide total support from purchase to operation method.

You can move according to the purpose.

A major feature of the trailer house is that it can be towed and moved . Because there is no foundation work, it can be easily transported as it remains in the interior condition. You can also sell the land in a vacant lot, or you can invest with a view to letting it go in the future. It is attractive to be able to respond to changes in the situation by “changing the place”.

Significantly lower cost than building a store

The installation of trailer houses does not require ground improvement or foundation work, so the cost can be significantly reduced than building stores and houses. If you can reduce the initial investment cost of starting a business such as restaurants and accommodation facilities, you can stick to the interior and focus on attracting customers such as advertising.

If it doesn't work, you can sell it.

When you decide to let go of the trailer house, there are ways such as selling or renting it. The trailer house it's self is bought and sold in a market similar to the used car market, and second-hand buyers are about to increase with demand and sell at a high price. It is an option in various cases such as "when attracting customers is not going well", "I am looking for a new way to earn money" and "when I want to expand my business".

Depreciation period 4 years, no property tax

When purchasing with a corporation, the depreciation period is as short as (4 years), and the running cost can be greatly reduced. In addition, there is basically no tax such as real estate acquisition tax and property tax for the installation and maintenance of trailer houses.Trailer houses that can be started at low cost are attracting attention as a new business model.

What SJ trailer company which have specialized in housing and real estate can do

Provide abundant land information

A wealth of land information owned by SJ trailer company, which has been working on housing and real estate. What and where to do is very important in making a business plan. I want to buy a trailer house, but I can't find good land. We will propose the best land so that it will not happen. In addition, it is also possible to consult that you want to introduce only the land, so please feel free to contact us.

The quality and speed of housing construction from experience and achievements

Based on the housing construction know-how we have cultivated over many years, we will respond to the interior of the trailer house according to your request. In addition, the construction we handle is completely in-house construction, so there is no intermediary and there is a merit that we can provide it at a low price and speedy.We welcome you with a thorough system including staff so that we can guide you smoothly from order to delivery. First of all, please tell us your ideal image.

There is an advisor who specializes in trailer houses.

There are professional advisors who have been successful in trailer houses, so we have an environment where you can purchase with confidence from professional laws to use, operation, and after-sales follow-up. I'm not confident in the operation...
I can't attract customers well...
New income. I'm looking for a way...
Please tell us about your various concerns.

After-sales follow-up system including sale and rental

It is also possible to sell trailer houses, like second-hand detached houses and condominiums. Taking advantage of the experience and personal connections cultivated in real estate buying and selling, "I want to sell at a high price" We can respond to requests such as "I want to rent cheaply". In addition, we also have an after-sales follow-up system such as operation and advertising including maintenance, so you can purchase with confidence.

Why don't you make a new business development come true with a trailer house?



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