For those considering investment

For those considering investment

Advantages of investment

Trailer house investment case

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Why are trailer houses capable of high yields?

Significant reduction in construction costs

The trailer house greatly demonstrates the cost performance in the accommodation. That is due to the change in construction costs for accommodation facilities such as hotels due to recent soaring construction costs.

The cost is a Pisinness hotel class of 12㎡ to 18㎡, 5 million yen per room, a resort hotel It is said that if the class is 30㎡ to 50㎡, it will slightly exceed 30 million yen. It is most important to reduce the construction cost of the initial investment even a little in high-yield investment.

Therefore, by using the trailer house, the initial investment can be made from 3 to 5 million yen per room in the business hotel class and 4 to 10 million yen in the resort hotel class.

Construction cost per room

Achieving high customer attraction and occupancy rate

The strength of the trailer house is the novelty of a glamping hotel and the fact that it can be installed in places where general buildings cannot be built. For example,"a hill by the sea where you can enjoy a superb view" and "advance to an area where there are few rival accommodation facilities" (in national parks, adjustment areas, etc. ※by consultation), etc. Get elements that support the ability to attract customers that is usually hard to get, and the high occupancy rate.

Five merits of trailer house investment

Large depreciation can be recorded in a short period of time You can start with an investment of 10 million yen or less No property tax profitable A purchase guarantee is also provided.

Advantages and disadvantages of individual investment
and investment participation

Advantages and disadvantages of individual investment and investment participation

Two risks of trailer house investment

01 Risk of tax denial

There is a risk that the trailer house will be regarded as a "building". For example, if there are stairs, porches, perandas, if tools are needed to remove wiring and piping such as electricity, gas, water, air conditioning, etc., if the wheels are removed, or if they are not maintained in a state where they can run, it will be treated as a "building" So you need to be careful.

02 The risk of not being able to
recover the invested capital

There is a risk that the operator who rented the trailer house will not be able to recover the invested capital due to poor management. That's why when investing in trailer houses, it is necessary to fully consider the past actual product of the business operators who operate the business.

For those who have trouble saying, "I want to invest in a glamping resort, but I don't know what to do." For example, if you buy only one or two trailer houses, there are many people who are worried about how to make a profit and how to handle the property. There are many cases where owners who run large glamping resorts are looking for "investors". SJ trailer company, we help you match "people who want to invest in trailer house glamping resorts" with "facilities that are looking for investors". For customers who are interested in trailer houses but are not confident in their operation, we can also introduce properties of SJ trailer company that can be invested in. We also accept consultations for those who are worried about their investment partners, so please feel free to contact us. Of course, one of the ways to enjoy investing is to purchase one trailer house and run it yourself.



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