For those who are considering a trailer house individually.

For those who are considering a trailer house individually.

Various uses of mobile homes

Second house

Second house

As the name “second residence” suggests, Some people choose a trailer house as a separate house from their home. They use it as a base for outdoor and travel, taking advantage of being able to move. Just like a normal residence, it can be used by drawing in electricity, water, and gas, so it is recommended for those who are looking for changes in their daily life.

A work room

A work room

In the modern age where telework is managed, there are many people who can’t work in the best environment because it is difficult to secure work space. A trailer house that is easy to switch on and off solves such problems.

Children's room

Children's room

The number of rooms required will also change according to the birth of your child. By using a trailer house instead of an extension, you can enjoy a different design and space from your current home.

Building an extension of your home

Building an extension of your home

Those who are considering an extension due to changes in family composition. In some cases, trailer houses are selected for cost reduction. The reason is that not only in terms of cost, but also when it becomes unnecessary, it can be sold at a high price, so there is an advantage that can be used when necessary compared to normal expansions that require property tax.

Hobby space

Hobby space

Recommended for those who can’t easily create their own space at home. You can arrange your hobby sneaker collection, read, store outdoor goods, arrange paintings, and change it into your favorite space. SJ trailer company will make the best proposal according to the customer's desired application.

Advantages of trailer houses

Advantages of trailer houses


The freedom to get it because you can move

A trailer house, which is both a house and a vehicle, can't drive itself. However, you can move if you follow the law. By changing the place according to your lifestyle, you will be a house full of possibilities that is different from your previous home.


Cheaper than architecture

Trailer houses are almost the same as general houses in both building materials and construction methods. Since there is no need for ground improvement or foundation work, it is possible to reduce the cost compared to the construction cost of the house. We can also handle free design like a custom-built house.


There is no property tax.

In general, trailer houses are not buildings, but vehicles, so there is no property tax. Also, although it is a vehicle, it does not drive itself without an engine, so there is no need to pay weight tax. It is possible to reduce running costs in terms of taxes.


Options to rent other than buying land

The trailer house can be moved, so you can choose to rent it without buying land. Since we do not do foundation work, the land can be sold in a vacant lot when it is no longer needed. For those who want to use it in the short term, the cost can be reduced.


It can also be installed in the urbanization adjustment area.

Trailer houses with "vehicle handling" can be installed even in urbanization adjustment areas where normal buildings can not be built. As the range of land selection expands, urbanization adjustment areas can reduce costs in terms of land costs than urbanization areas.


Less burden when it's unnecessary

Considering when it is no longer necessary, more and more people are choosing trailer houses that are easy to sell or dispose of later. It's a big attraction to have options depending on the situation. It is recommended for those who want to reduce the burden on their future children and grandchildren as much as possible.

The strength of SJ trailer company

What can be realized because it is a housing company

Abundant land information

For what purpose and where to do it? Land selection is important in order to make the most of the trailer house. With SJ trailer company, which has been working on housing and real estate, it is possible to introduce the best land for the application from a wealth of land information.

Quality and achievements of residential construction

Based on the experience and achievements of specializing in residential construction, it is possible to provide trailer house interiors with high quality according to your request. We will make use of our strengths to realize our ideal life.

A sense of speed of integrated management

Since we have consistently built houses with completely in-house construction, there is no intermediary and it is possible to respond quickly at a low price. We will deliver it smoothly until delivery.

A professional specializing in trailer houses will be an advisor

Support system for operation

SJ trailer company has a professional Advisor who has been successful in trailer houses. Knowledgeable and experienced specialists will respond to renovation and maintenance after purchase. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about the law.

In addition to maintenance, it is also possible to sell and rent.

Options when it becomes unnecessary

When you decide to let go of the trailer house, you can also sell or rent it. We will propose the best way to reduce the burden on customers as much as possible.



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